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I have been in SUCH a slump now for weeks, feeling so bereft of family even though I come from a family of seven children (plus have, a son and grandson…).

Recognize that I have to pull myself out of this; I have before, I will, always, again — I am, first & foremost, a survivor — but some days/weeks are harder than others. :-/

I was Google-searching sexual abuse survivor blogs and felt nudged by Kim Coleman’s: “kimmysurviving,” http://kimmysurviving.wordpress.com . Thank you, Kim.

Felt further nudged by Kim’s Google+ post, “Don’t stay silent on sexual abuse” http://us.cnn.com/2014/01/21/opinion/brennan-sexual-abuse/index.html?sr=sharebar_google , a CNN Opinion piece by Allison Brennan.

Then, somewhere along in there, what do I see but, “18 Survivors Of Sexual Assault Tell The Numbers Behind Their Stories” — http://www.buzzfeed.com/rachelzarrell/survivors-of-sexual-assault-tell-the-numbers-behind-stories — with brave women holding up poster-sized signs that made/make, me want to cry.

It’s nice to know, others want the silence to stop, too.

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