Being true, being vulnerable

This is my first “reblog,” but as I just-now read this piece by Kelly I kept thinking, YES. Uh-huh; YES.

So I’m letting her say for me here, how,

“Being true makes me vulnerable because I can no longer use the excuse that these are not my thoughts, that these are not my feelings, that these are not my beliefs. I am putting myself out there in the world, and that’s quite scary.”

As Kelly says here,

“I do matter, and every day I have to prove that by being ME. …by being me, and putting myself out there, I have to be able to accept that others may disagree with me, and might not even like me, but that’s okay because I am who I am, and if someone doesn’t like me, it’s no reflection on me as much as a reflection of them and their values, their morals, and their beliefs.

“As long I am being true, being honest, behaving with integrity, and being open and vulnerable, that is all that can be asked of me.”

YES.  (Thanks, Kelly. 🙂 )

Writing From The Ashes

Being true, being vulnerable Being true, being vulnerable

I am currently working on an ethics assignment for my Bachelor Degree, and although I am having difficulty with all the theorising and waffle, it has had me thinking about how we make decisions and be true, or authentic, to ourselves.

Being true, unfortunately, also has the consequence of being vulnerable.

In 2010, on receiving confirmation that my father had abused a fourth victim, one much younger who had been abused much more recently than the other three, I felt I had been forced into a dilemma – do I remain silent, or do I take action?  Typical of all dilemmas, I had the capacity to choose either option, but only one of them.  Both choices had severe consequences attached.

Although my journey towards speaking out had, in hindsight, begun much earlier than the catalytic phone call I received, it was not until during that phone…

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  1. Kelly says:

    You are very welcome 🙂


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