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true confessions: i used to try to kill myself

I used to try to kill myself.  (A lot.)

I am so glad I was unsuccessful — Whew!? — and also, that I don’t try to do that anymore.

JOY I would have missed out on:  a son!  Talented-artistic, he made this:

2014, sow sculpture by Jamaal--fr his Fb

JOY I would have missed out on:  a grandson!  Silly below in, “tealight eyes.” 😉

Tealight eyes BeFunky-ed, PopArt_CROP

JOY I would have missed out on:  my best-bud kitter-catz…

2009, Nov. 1, Hummy w. Quinn's piggy-bank 

herie & ct louge

MORE JOY I would have missed out on:  some very special feathered friends; dear to my heart.  Also my garden.  Also lots of walks.  Also skies.  (Oh:  and books.  And tunes.  And…)

ALSO some very special people, too. 😉


DON’T, ever, try to kill yourself, okay?  Please.  (Look at it this way:  murder is, murder.  You wouldn’t murder anyone else, right?!  Well, don’t murder yoU!)

You matter.

Got that?  Say it again:  I  m-a-t-t-e-r.

Good job.